As a food photographer based in Tonbridge in the middle of the beautiful Kent (UK) I feel spoiled. There is so much amazing produce on our doorstep, cared for by amazingly skilled people.
 I am the sort of foodie who is passionate about making all this food look stunning on the screen and in print.  I love to illustrate the story of a dish by going back to where it was first sown, grown and looked after. Who has put all the love and work into it and where did it all happen?
I love to work with food producers in Kent to help create pictures that make their food stand out. The photos reflect the effort and the care that have been put in it by the producer who might have been a farmer, a proud chef, the writer of a cookbook or an amazing home cook.
If you want your produce or dishes stand out in food photography, if you feel the world needs to see what you produced, do get in touch, I'd love to hear from you. Let's chat! 
Phone T: +44 1732 362908  - M: +44 7564 034367
Thank you!
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